Hermès Twilly Review: Free Spirit to the Last Drop

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  1. What is Twilly mean?

Twilly literally means a kind of spinning machine; in Hermès, it refers to the long and narrow silk scarves.

  1. What does Hermès Twilly smell like?

Fresh cold spicy ginger beginning, milky greeny tuberose and sweet woody middle note (a bit like gourmand fragrances), commonly sweet base note. A nice gift-giving idea.

  1. How much is Twilly d’Hermès?

On Hermès website, Hermès Twilly price is:

  • 1.01 fl.oz/30ml: $80
  • 1.69 for fl.oz/50ml: $105
  • 2.87 fl.oz/85ml: $134
  1. Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivree review

A spicy, floral and woody fragrance, more alluring and sexy than the original Twilly d’Hermès.

  1. Is Hermès perfume good?

Hermès perfumes are noteworthy if you compare with mainstream designer perfumes sold at Sephora; but it’s meaningless compared with niche perfumes or luxury perfumes, which intend to shape their own style instead of adapting to the mass market.

Speaking of Hermès, we will immediately think of its high fashion luxury goods. Hermès Birkin bags and Kelly bags are popular for ladies who want to be the spotlight of the crowd.

Source: bagsofluxury

Same case with Hermès silk scarves. But apparently, Hermès didn’t want them just an accessory on bags, but also on the fragrance: an 86x5cm twilly scarf ribbon is tied on each bottle of Twilly d’Hermès eau de parfum (edp) which was released in 2017.

Fan of Hermès twilly scarf? Twilly d’Hermès may also interest you! Now let’s dive into Hermès twilly review.

What is Twilly mean?

According to collinsdictionary, Twilly literally means a machine with a series of revolving spikes for opening and cleaning raw textile fibres. Its root twill is a type of textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs, which in Hermès refers to the long and narrow silk scarves.

When a perfume is named after it, their relationship may not be a short story. According to Christine Nagel, perfumer and creator of Twilly d’Hermès

Grace Kelly wore Hermès scarves around her neck or on her bag, whereas Amy Winehouse wrapped it around her chest as if she were wearing a T-shirt. This fragrance was inspired by today’s young women who prefer to do things in a different or unconventional way.

An interview with Christine Nagel

Not only is the name inspired by the free spirit of young women, but also the bottle design. The Hermès emblematic lantern bottle can also be seen on Hermès Kelly Calèche, another fragrance launched in 2007, but Twilly d’Hermès has a mini quirky shape.

The cap has the appearance of an oversized hat. A hat always well conveys the heritage of Hermès: high-quality wrought harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade.

With the finishing touch of a colourful ribbon tied on the neck of the bottle, Twilly d’Hermès has become a “distinctive mark, rallying symbol” of Hermès.

What does Hermès Twilly smell like?

Note: ginger, tuberose, sandalwood, bitter orange, orange blossom, vanilla, jasmine, bergamot

“Hermès” and “Twilly scarf” are attractive enough for me to give it a try, no matter what’s in the bottle.

The whole scent of Twilly d’Hermès is smooth, light and gorgeous, reminding me of a silk scarf with bright colors and a smooth feel. If you’d like to know how the scent expresses a certain “theme”, Twilly d’Hermès is a good exemplar.

Source: giphy

Top note

The top note suggests a fresh beginning, where ginger is prominent. Its cold spicy scent makes the whole top notes unusually cooling, rather like the first approach to a cool satin. 

In fact, it’s not innovative to make ginger as a fragrance’s main note. It has been years since Serge Lutens Five O’Clock Au Gingembre, Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger and other ginger fragrances became popular. But in Twilly d’Hermès, ginger’s main contribution is to be combined with floral ingredients to create a floral fragrance with a spicy sweet top note.

Normally the aromatic component of ginger is usually extracted from dried ginger, but according to Christine Nagel, the ginger here is from fresh ginger.

After a while, the sweet aroma carries some aquatic scent to maintain the feeling as light as fabrics. I’d say this cool scent is quite comfortable — imagine on a midsummer day walking into a mall that is fully air-conditioned. Lancome Tresor has the same ability to create such a cooling atmosphere.

Source: yaoota

At the end of the top note, I even smelled some woody astringent, coarse but fresh, perhaps it’s the side effect of ginger.

Middle note

Cute tuberose now appears: the fluffy milky/powdery scent, very realistic and warm, similar to the milkiness of gardenia. Speaking of which, the aroma of tuberose and gardenia are inherently similar: a peachy sweetness with a subtle hint of green.

Normally the greeny part in tuberose perfumes are quite prominent, but it’s not overwhelming in Twilly d’Hermès: it’s slightly weaker than the creamy scent, but still can be smelt clearly.

After 15 minutes on my skin, the sandalwood becomes dominant and even richer. It’s mixed with the powerful milky taste in tuberose, bringing something sweet with vanilla inside.

sandalwood Hermès twilly review twilly d'hermes eau poivree
Source: alibaba

But the sweetness is obviously different from the sweet scent of gardenia – it’s the gourmand fragrances type. Throughout the middle notes, you’ll feel this lingering gourmand aroma all around you, reminiscent of caramel, vanilla, or hot chocolate. To summarize with ingredient terms, Twilly d’Hermès smells as if it has a lot of ebony in it.

gourmand aroma Hermès twilly review twilly d'hermes eau poivree
Source: goodlifeeats

Base note

Around 2 hours later, the scent of tuberose has been suppressed, its remaining scent becomes so slight that it can only be smelt only if you take a deep breath on your wrist. Now ginger and sandalwood make up the whole base notes, now Twilly d’Hermès is basically sandalwood ebony.

Opposed to the floral notes in the top note, the scent presents a warm, dry vanilla woody aroma, rather like one of Giorgio Armani Armani Privé series – Oud Royal, which is dry, dense and quiet. The difference is that Twilly d’Hermès has a creamy and sweet scent that is not like the usual ebony – literally the mixture sweetness extracted from vanilla and patchouli.


Twilly d’Hermès is a tuberose fragrance for lovers of gardenia or gourmand fragrances. Longevity is unexpectedly good, it stays on my skin for 20+ hours in autumn and winter. I’ll rate Twilly d’Hermès 6/10.

gardenia Hermès twilly review twilly d'hermes eau poivree
Source: thespruce

The floral aroma in Twilly d’Hermès’ top note is quite impressive. And because of the real “milky” scent of tuberose, it has reached a further step beyond “something smells good”. In Twilly d’Hermès, there is no freshness that young women always love, nor is the white floral scent as cold, calm, quiet as in Gucci Gracious Tuberose.

Instead, the floral scent smells warm, white floral, and gardenia-y, it’s realistic enough to make you in a happy mood when smelling. But unfortunately, the drydown turns common-appealing, too sweet and flattering.

Perhaps this is what Christine Nagel always does: intending to be safe. So she can create Instagram-buzz perfumes, but not the in-depth ones. In other words, Christine Nagel may have contributed for Hermès a perfume that is less-than-outstanding but a wonderful gift-giving idea. By the way, the bottle design is so beautiful.

Hermès twilly review gift set twilly d'hermes eau poivree perfume review
Source: fragrancenet

The common sweet scent of Twilly d’Hermès is quite suitable as a holiday gift given to a mature woman. So if you think the gift idea of Dior perfume gift set is out-dated, Twilly d’Hermès will be a wonderful alternative. Besides the perfume, you’ll also get a bonus random colour twilly scarf ribbon!;)

How much is Twilly d’Hermès?

On Hermès website, Hermès Twilly price is:

  • 1.01 fl.oz/30ml: $80
  • 1.69 for fl.oz/50ml: $105
  • 2.87 fl.oz/85ml: $134

You can check the price elsewhere at:

Twilly d’Hermès sample/mini: The Fragrance Decant Boutique, FragranceNet

Bottle: FragranceNet, Nordstrom, London Perfume Company, NOTINO.co.uk

Twilly d’Hermès gift set: FragranceNet, NOTINO.co.uk

Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivree review

Two years after the launch of Twilly d’Hermès in 2017, Christine Nagel brings us a complete contrast on it – Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivree.

Hermès twilly review twilly d'hermes eau poivree perfume review
Source: fabelish

This spicy, floral and woody fragrance describes “the peppery spirit of the Hermès girls”. Its spicy storm comes from the vibrant pink peppercorn; and the fresh, delicate, elegant rose makes its scent elegant and vibrant. Unlike the creamy floral scent in Twilly d’Hermès, it smells deep and chypre woody because of patchouli here.

patchouli Hermès twilly review twilly d'hermes eau poivree
Source: everfumed

Seeing the fragrance pyramid, I thought it smells linear, but actually it’s more vibrant than Twilly d’Hermès. The opening is a blast of pink peppercorn, smelling pungent, aggressive, slightly spicy, but also thicker. It spreads like a blast wave and then it’s gone.

Patchouli is bitter but not medicinal, the conjunction with rose makes it a bit more carnal. The drydown has a gentle prominent floral scent, a bit powdery as Twilly d’Hermès. Sometimes I can even smell the sweet cloying fruity scent, it’s like opening a Dole canned pineapple.

The whole scent of Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivree is more alluring and sexy than the original Twilly d’Hermès which smells gentle, smooth. Honestly, I tried Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivree out of curiosity about what this flanker smells like. But it seems too sweet for me, who is a fan of oriental woody notes. Probably it’s more suitable for a young girl in her early 20s. I wish it works on you!:)

Check Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivree price at:

Sample/mini: FragranceNet

Bottle: FragranceNet, Nordstrom, NOTINO.co.uk

Is Hermès perfume good?

When we talk about whether one perfume is good, we need a reference for comparison. Objectively speaking, Hermès perfume is good. Among all the designer perfumes you can buy at Sephora or elsewhere, Hermès perfumes are noteworthy, their scent is unique and distinctive.

Generally speaking, I think Hermès perfumes are good in the following:

  1. They never follow suit: when many brands catered to the market trend by using freesia, iris, or other sweet floral/fruity ingredients, Hermès kept doing itself, and the perfumes still smell pretty good. Just like Christine Nagel said when creating Twilly d’Hermès:

The market was dominated by sweet notes, all pretty much close to each other, and I decided to go against the trend.

  1. Hermès spirit: No matter how time or the market evolves, Hermès is just Hermès. It will always carry Hermès spirit no matter in perfumes, handbags, or silk scarves.
Hermès twilly review twilly d'hermes eau poivree
Source: oupasdesign

But if you compare Hermès with niche perfumes or luxury perfumes, there isn’t much to discuss – many excellent brands and perfumes (Tom Ford, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, etc.) would outrun Hermès. They do excellent work in terms of ingredients, personalization and scents.

The difference between them and Hermès is mainly their intention of shaping their brand and perfume style; after all they don’t need to adapt to the mass market. Based on this, the “is Hermès perfume good” discussion is not simply a yes/no question.

In conclusion, I personally think most Hermès’ perfumes are great in terms of quality and ingredient configuration. But it’s still far away from ignoring other brands, so it’s meaningless to sanctify or devalue it. Of course, perfume is a highly personalized product, it matters most that you love it no matter what others think.

Now it’s your turn:

What makes you want to try Twilly d’Hermès?

Are you interested in Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivree too?

Have you tried other Hermès perfumes?

Let me know in the comment.

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